For Rent

Photo credit 3 trailers

Don’t much wanna go to heaven
wouldn’t known no one there, no way
as the kind that I holds near and dear
won’t be a gettin’ thru them pearly gates.

No, there’s a better chance you’ll find me
sittin’ round a fire ring somewheres
talkin’ loud and smoking Marlboro’s
next to a tub a ice cold beer.

Wearing an old King Diamond tee shirt
and a pair a too tight jeans
sittin’ on some ol’ boys lap, feelin’ frisky-
in the trailer park o my dreams…

Where on every space there’s a double wide
and the lot rents paid in full
and my sister’s- ex-fi-ance’s -brother-in-law
has done his last parole.

So when I exit life’s long lost highway
don’t you be a worrin’ ’bout where I’ve gone
’cause I’m sure there’ll be a For Rent sign
on a nice li’l trailer in the great beyond….

Word Count: 148

January 22, 2017 A devastating storm passed through Dougherty County GA spawning a tornado that ripped through What Pegman Saw: Radium Springs GA

The January 23, 2017 Albany Herald reported the following:

“Some of the worst destruction occurred in the Radium Springs area along Holly Drive approaching the intersection of U.S. Highway 19. Paradise Village Mobile Home Park, located at 600 Holly Drive and directly in the path of the twister, was almost completely destroyed.”

19 thoughts on “For Rent

  1. Super illustration of the resilience of spirit of people with very little to sustain them except family love. The way you emphasise that with the lines
    “and my sister’s- ex-fi-ance’s -brother-in-law
    has done his last parole.”
    is just brilliant!

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  2. Your poem is wonderful, but the new is awful.
    I knew the storm was coming, though I’m UK resident I do catch US forecasts (Isn’t YouTube great!) But, it’s gutting that only this morning I was Googling along the highways looking for a suitable shot. My take on Radium Springs posts on Monday, and in the wake of this … yea. Swallow.

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  3. Great voice, and who wouldnt rather rest in peace by the fireside? Love “the trailer park of my dreams,” and that parole line is golden. Grim backstory, but I suspect, at the news of her own passing on, this one took it in stride.

    Liked by 1 person

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