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His name was Flower. At least that was the name printed on the contract of adoption the day he rescued Jaime.

That first night at the long metal box Flower would grow proud to call home, he took a quick run around his new digs. Through a small hole in the wall, he found a big soft cushion, just big enough for the two of them. From his vantage point on the cushion, he noticed another hole. When Flower went through that one, he was greeted by what could only have been a water bowl, built especially for him.

It was white and inviting and sat up high, so he could drink out of it without even leaning down. That big hole in the bottom seemed kind of menacing, but the water was clean and cold and he didn’t have to worry about it splashing over the sides no matter how excitedly he lapped at it, so he decided to think about that later.

When he went back through the holes, Jaime had set out a virtual feast of crunchy kibble and savory liver mash. Flower, always a stickler on the finer points of doggy etiquette, wolfed it down in four big bites.

Fat and happy now, he stretched out to take a little nap. Before he got to dreaming, he heard a dogs second favorite sound- next to food hitting a bowl- the jingle of the tether between dog and human that meant he was going outside for a sniff.

As they were walking out the door, however, a pair of gruff looking humans gave them the hand signal to stay. Even though Jaime seemed to know them, Flower could sense he was less than happy to see them. They were covered in something dark from neck to paws, with a shiny spot on each ones chest that reflected the sun. They both had their paws on big black sticks that hung from the thick leather collars they wore around their bellies.

One of them barked a command, and Jaime tied the tether with Flower at the other end of it to a tree. One of the men proceeded to pet Jaime roughly up and down his whole body. When he had finished, one of the humans disappeared through the hole in the side of the long metal box, while the other one gave Flower that ‘I’m the Alpha’ look he’d seen so many times before. Usually right before a human hit him.

After they’d gone, Flower could tell something was different inside of Jaime. He hoped it would be fixed by a nice long sniff, and to some degree it was. This might have had more to do with all the sounds Jaime was making as they walked, as it seemed he was more interested in making sounds than he was sniffing.

When they got back home, they were both ready for a nap. Flower bounded up onto the big cushion and was happy to see Jaime pick the same place to lay down. He wiggled around a bit until he found just the right spot.

Then Jaime did something Flower couldn’t have expected, because it had never happened to him before, he rolled over and nuzzled up to Flowers back where he made what Flower recognized as whelping noises- sounds that felt wet against his fur, as Jaime wrapped his long human arms around him and held on tight.

They laid there like that for quite some time before Flower saluted the fine feast he’d wolfed down earlier with a odorous round of applause and made Jaime laugh out loud for the first time ever. They both knew then and there, everything was gonna be alright.

And it was.

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Mrs. Chambers

Photo: Susan Spaulding

It was almost time to say goodbye. From this moment forward, Karen would no longer be Mrs. Chambers, everybody’s favorite second grade teacher. As the class gathered round, she could do little to quell the silent trickle of tears.

Teaching had been her lifelong dream, and she had excelled at it. Winning numerous awards as District Teacher of the Year, even being spotlighted on a PBS program about the local teachers “that are changing the way our kids learn.”

In the classroom she had always been more than a teacher. Advocate, Confidant, Social Worker being just a few of the many hats she had donned in an effort to ‘cultivate a soil suitable for learning’ in the children entrusted to her care.

It had been a hard wrought decision. Her career had been her first love. Some would say it was her life.

But her son Jordan needed her right now. Without a stay at home parent the rehab facility he had called his home for the last eighteen months would only release him as a ward of the court.

Even her picture perfect standing in the community could not withstand that.

Word Count: 192

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Despised Conundrum


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I’m trying something new, and I’m not sure I’ve accomplish it. It’s called a Haibun, which is an English form of Japanese poetry that includes a first person prose narrative partnered with a Haiku or a  Tanka.

From my basic understanding the poem is supposed to reflect a juxtaposition of the prose theme, seemingly different, yet somehow connected.

I chose a Tanka with a 57577 syllable structure as suggested in the very informative guidelines I am quoting from here. They were made available to me on the blog of Colleen Chesebro The Faery Whisperer .

I am also putting it out there for constructive criticism by poets familiar with the form by entering Colleens Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using #synonyms only for the words mystery and attract, my choices are italicized.

Here we go:

Despised Conundrum
of contentment, seduced by
Senda’s expelled sweet
plankton perfumed breath, alone-
adrift- angers salted sea.

I state my case and stand my ground. Let the sparks fly where they may. Ridgely invincible- I indignantly fan the flames. When life has become too comfortable, I set my own world ablaze, trample bridges as they burn; and from the cinders rise again..

For Rent

Photo credit 3 trailers

Don’t much wanna go to heaven
wouldn’t known no one there, no way
as the kind that I holds near and dear
won’t be a gettin’ thru them pearly gates.

No, there’s a better chance you’ll find me
sittin’ round a fire ring somewheres
talkin’ loud and smoking Marlboro’s
next to a tub a ice cold beer.

Wearing an old King Diamond tee shirt
and a pair a too tight jeans
sittin’ on some ol’ boys lap, feelin’ frisky-
in the trailer park o my dreams…

Where on every space there’s a double wide
and the lot rents paid in full
and my sister’s- ex-fi-ance’s -brother-in-law
has done his last parole.

So when I exit life’s long lost highway
don’t you be a worrin’ ’bout where I’ve gone
’cause I’m sure there’ll be a For Rent sign
on a nice li’l trailer in the great beyond….

Word Count: 148

January 22, 2017 A devastating storm passed through Dougherty County GA spawning a tornado that ripped through What Pegman Saw: Radium Springs GA

The January 23, 2017 Albany Herald reported the following:

“Some of the worst destruction occurred in the Radium Springs area along Holly Drive approaching the intersection of U.S. Highway 19. Paradise Village Mobile Home Park, located at 600 Holly Drive and directly in the path of the twister, was almost completely destroyed.”