Chain Fiction Challenge

I am looking for a serious writer interested in alternating chapters in an ongoing chain fiction piece.

If this sounds like you, please leave a comment so we can discuss the possibilities.

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    • I’m just walking in to work, but it’s simple we alternate chapters in the same story. Either can start it and the challenge comes from never really knowing exactly what you’re going to have to incorporate into the storyline next. Lmk if this sounds good to you, and I’ll get back to you after work.

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  1. Here are two links of previous chain fiction writing adventures I have been involved in. Have a look and see if you think you’d be interested. Right now would be a good time for me to start it, because I am off for the holidays, but I work three jobs and thus after the first I would be good for only one chapter a week.

    I am not a sci fi or fantasy writer. I do real people, real life kind of stuff..

    My chapters have no capitals and very aggressive punctuation.. Oh, and my name’s Jodi.. lmk.


  2. …how the hell do you find the time!?!
    like the notion of colab writing… in fact, I went so far as to set up a blog (the Writer’s Club) and invited people to join (with Editor privileges). Some people did. But never got going. I saw your response to a previous comment, giving a link to what you have set up. Unfortunately, being a clark* (lol), I did not want to presume and follow said link (you, know, you see someone you think you know waving at you and you start to wave, when you realize it was someone behind you they were interested in. (lol)
    This is a twitter address, I hardly use… but can be found over at the Doctrine**.

    * one of the three personality types proposed by the Wakefield Doctrine…
    **yeah, that Doctrine. lol

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    • Your comment was stuck in spam for some reason, so I am just getting to it now. I’ll tell you Clark, I lead a very solitary existence, and writing creates the atmosphere of a sociality for me. Is the Writers club still available online?


      • Yes.
        This is the link:

        What you’ll find is a a story ‘Interlude’. (A serial, born of a rainy Open House weekend, I’d add chapters between buyers. I wrote it in part ’cause I liked the challenge of writing a time travel story, (and besides, like, who doesn’t enjoy a time travel story?)
        If you’d like to take a look around the Writers Club ‘back stage’, let me know and I’ll send you an invite. This would entail having editor privileges along with everyone else there. This approach (free run of the dashboard) should cut out a lot of the awkwardness (not to mention temporal dislocation) of a more traditional colab writing project.
        Besides the opportunity to practice and learn from others I think it’s fun to ‘put on a character’ in a story that has already been established (sorta). (Interlude is an example. Obviously I’m the real estate guy*, but theres a room full of people (c 1967, granted) and a house on the ocean in a small coastal town of Hobbomock on the New England coastline.
        Let me know if you’d like to take a further look and I’ll send you an email invite. Is the email associated with your Comment over at the Wakefield Doctrine the best to use?

        * well, I have sat through interminable empty Open Houses….lol


  3. Dear Violet,
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