Chain Fiction Challenge

I am looking for a serious writer interested in alternating chapters in an ongoing chain fiction piece.

If this sounds like you, please leave a comment so we can discuss the possibilities.


7 thoughts on “Contact

    • I’m just walking in to work, but it’s simple we alternate chapters in the same story. Either can start it and the challenge comes from never really knowing exactly what you’re going to have to incorporate into the storyline next. Lmk if this sounds good to you, and I’ll get back to you after work.

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  1. Here are two links of previous chain fiction writing adventures I have been involved in. Have a look and see if you think you’d be interested. Right now would be a good time for me to start it, because I am off for the holidays, but I work three jobs and thus after the first I would be good for only one chapter a week.

    I am not a sci fi or fantasy writer. I do real people, real life kind of stuff..

    My chapters have no capitals and very aggressive punctuation.. Oh, and my name’s Jodi.. lmk.


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