Chena Sled Dog

I go for the Aurora Borealis. I think witnessing such grandeur will infuse color into this black and white existence I have called a life for way too long. I am not prepared to lose my heart to a bunch of mixed breed dogs tethered on 12 foot chains, overlooking little wooden houses, encircled by hard packed yellow snow.

As the sled pulls into the kennel, the tethered dogs oneness of vision is glaringly evident. They howl and dance and run and jest, “Pick me! Pick me!” they cry out- as a lump forms in my throat, and tears come- I feel their lust..

It is then that I realize, I lack their singleness of vision. I am so busy struggling to have it all, I have nothing..

As I settle into the sled, and feel the magnificence that is attained by the singular vision of ten mixed breed dogs pulling together, I know, alas- I have found my teacher..

Icy arctic air

alone, cannot obscure what

I have come to learn.

Written fort Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #synonyms only for meaning and passion. My choices are italicized.


Un Intermezzo

staccato lines

of separation.

a duet sung

in broken tongues.

your long dried reed.

my unstrung instrument.

un intermezzo

played out of time..

movements plucked

via pizzicato,

staves comprised

of crooked lines.

my solo voice

an intoned requiem.

your obbligato

nocturne, sublime..

pages torn

from il libretto.

silence broken

with each reprise.

internal melodies

defy translation.

lyrical rhythms

untouched by time…

Posted for Eugenia’s BrewNSpew Cafe prompt- off kilter

But instead

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I called her today.. I called her because I wanted to tell her how much I loved her.
How much she means to me. How she had once been the very center of my world,
and no one had ever been able to take her place…
But instead we talked about the weather, her class reunion,
and the way that age had of making things that once seemed so all important
bleed and fade like unblotted ink on a page….

I called her today. I wanted to remind her that she was my first love,
that I had never loved anyone as much as I loved her.
That it was her love that had made all other loves possible..
And against which, they would all forever be judged.
But instead I told her about the the poem I had written, and the book I may well never finish.
We talked about the garden and the dogs and the man who said he would come to cut the grass,,
but never did…

I called her today. My heart so full of love, my mind overflowing with memories
of the times we spent in each others arms, the tender goodnight kisses, the loving glances
that stripped me of my insecurities and made me feel as if I could conquer the world
But instead I told her that I would talk to her later, as this long distance was costing me a fortune-
and anyway, I should be feeding the cats, and getting the dogs in for dinner, or folding the clothes
that finished drying an hour or so ago….

I called her today. With every intention of making today the day I told her
all the things that have been weighing so heavily on my heart.
All the things I have wanted to say for so long but had never gathered the courage to do so,,
All the things I don’t want either of us to ever leave this world without me having said…
But instead I waited until after we had said our goodbyes, and then added- almost as an afterthought-
“I love you…but you know that, right?”

Don’t fence me in

I don’t mind wakin’ up at the break of dawn
To pack your lunch and put the coffee on
I don’t mind doin’ dishes or pushin’ a broom
I kinda take pleasure in cleanin’ a room

I don’t mind givin’ the lawn a mowin'
Gardenin’s alright, I’ll do the hoein’
I don’t even mind takin’ the trash to the bin
But whatever you do, don’t fence me in.

Now, I’m okay with makin’ your bed
And seein’ that you and the kids get fed
I don’t even mind puttin’ gas in the car
Or pickin’ you up late nights at the bar

You can count on me to treat you right
Warm up your bed on a cold winter night
Make you proud afore kit and kin
But huh uh honey don’t fence me in...

Word Count: 135

Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Mary McGrath

I once knew a girl

Named Mary McGrath

Who’d do anything

To avoid taking a bath


She’d run and she’d hide

She’d slip and she’d slither

Till her father was fit

And her mom in a dither


A brown crust it settled

Between the cracks in her toes

Wax dried in her ears

And snots in her nose.


Her hair a birds nest

Even fleas would avoid

Her breath so atrocious

Even dogs were annoyed


This went on for years

Her games and her ploys

Till one day she grew up

and discovered boys!


Well that changed it all

Today she couldn’t be neater

All plaited and pressed

And she smells so much sweeter!


This was written for Chelsea Ann Owens Terrible Poetry Contest.