Behind closed doors

open door open gate

Magda presses her fingertips to the glass. She can almost feel the rain as it spitters and spatters against each pane. “Take me with you.” She whispers at the window, but the thick leaded glass only becomes opaque under the brume of her warm breath and refracts her heartfelt plea.

“‘Take me with you’, my ars!” Mrs. Helmsley mocks from her warm seat nearest the hearth. “Get ye from afore the window ye whinin’ bastard! Back to the shed with ye now and mind that frock be proper hung. I’ll strip yer back a hide if’n a crease be found.”

Magda silently curses the two opposing spirits that she knows to inhabit Mrs. Helmsley’s ample frame. The one, overflowing with brightness, cheer and benevolence, that shows its face when Father visits. And the other- devoid of all human kindness- that rears its ugly head- whenever they are behind closed doors.

This piece, written in 50 word increments, is my response to both the photo prompt and the literary quote offered on this weeks 50 Word Thursday.

The literary quote was: “Take me with you,” She whispers at the window.’ – Kate Racculia – Bellweather Rhapsody

18 thoughts on “Behind closed doors

  1. Ah… split personalities. I think of Sybil… the book – Which I just looked up and read about that the real Sybil – faked!
    Sybil was supposed to have up to 17 personalities. I think two is feasible just because of how one person can react to different people.


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