Beyond Cinderella

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

“I was asked just recently if I had heard anything about whatever became of Cinderella’s fairy godmother. It was funny really, because I had just heard last week that she was still going strong at 1298. I guess that isn’t all that impressive of an age if you are a fairy godmother, but frankly, I had no idea she was that old.”

“Last time I saw her, she looked amazing. I mean, sure she had that grandmotherly look about her, but on her, it was marvelous!”

“I asked her what she’d been up to and she said she had been busy with a new client, and somehow or another the case evolved into a family affair, and it just snowballed from there.”

“At first I was just listening politely, smiling and responding in all the right places, you know like we do when we are listening to an old person rattle on about things that are important to them but have no bearing on our own lives? And then something she said about the degree of difficulty she had encountered in choosing the right shape shifting rodent to use when the stepfather requested to be sexually reassigned, and well- let me tell you, my mind went all Kardasian!”

“I mean it all started out with Kim, right? And well, her rear end is nothing if it’s not super natural! I mean isn’t it? And then the whole family affair thing, with Khloe this, and Kourtney that, and all the exes, beaus and babies? Put that together with Bruce, or Caitlyn or whatever she’s calling herself these days and- be honest- wouldn’t you? Go all Kardashian I mean?”

“Turns out, I heard her all wrong and what she said was the stepfather was charged with sexual harassment, which definitely fits with the shape shifting rodent part a lot better! But, girl please!”

“All I can say is it must be hard to find decent work as a fairy godmother these days!”

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt #writephoto beyond


A little white lie

Photo courtesy of Krista Purmale on Unsplash

“Charlatan.” I cackled, as the lovelorn young man who paid handsomely for my Pink Moon Potion, stepped outside. He raised his arm, hailed a cab, and was gone.

“On the 19th of this month, at exactly 7:12 AM, she must drink this.” I had instructed. “The transformation is immediate.”

A little white lie. No one would come to any harm.

Charlatan Pink Moon
Brings hope of transformation
Where there should be none.

A Haibun written using Sammi Cox Weekend Writing prompt: Charlatan, in exactly 61 words (prose only). Frank J Tassone’s Haikai Challenge word prompt: Pink Moon and Tnkerr’s OLGW #98 using the phrases:‘outside, he raised his arm and hailed a cab’ and ‘a little white lie’

Much farther than that

in my minds darkest hour,
i saw him standing alone,
rumpled clothes, unkempt hair
a smile that said “believe in me”
radiating from his worry lined face…

i strayed from my plan
and hit the curb,
nearly screeching to a stop-
he asked if i was going far,
i told him much farther than that..

we talked and laughed
and sang some songs
he mentioned i no longer looked sad-
i couldn’t contest that- so instead,
i told him i had set off to end it all
but he’d made me rethink my plan.

he told me he had been there too,
very recently in fact
as he slipped the noose about his neck
he decided, just this once
to give himself a chance..

now we travel together
for however long it will last.
both of us on the run-
he from the clutches of the law-
and me from the jaws of death..

Posted for Friday Foto Fun, and Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story. Prompt word: Contest.

Good lookin’ out

Pacing nervously in the threshold of his man-cave, Ray trained his eyes on the headlights of the lone vehicle making the climb up the winding beach road that led to his drive.

She should have been here by now. Maybe she isn’t coming. Maybe she was just blowing smoke up my- Wait! The lights turned, and are headed this way. It’s her. It has to be. She made it! Thank god..

It isn’t her. It’s Dixon. ‘Sheriff’s Deputy Dixon to you.’ What the H-E double hockey sticks does he want? He couldn’t have picked a more inopportune time. What if she shows up while he’s here? Holy Christ. I’ll be ruined! Think of my reputation! If there is a god, he won’t let her show up while he’s here. This is not frickin’ happening.

‘Hey, Dix. What’s up?”

“Bridge’s out. Pylon gave way. Thought you should know.”

No southbound road from here, means no northbound road for her. She’s not coming. Well, at least I know. At least now when she doesn’t show up, we can blame it on the bridge.

“Thanks, Dix. Good lookin’ out.”

“No problem. Cell service being iffy and all.. Just thought I’d drop in. Let you know.”

“Yeah. Thanks, like I said, good lookin’ out.”

“Alrighty then. You have a good night.”

“Will do. Planned to. Take ‘er easy.”

Back inside the man cave, Ray brushed the crumpled beer cans aside on the couch and flopped into a seat in front of the TV. If the coffee table hadn’t been piled in empty pizza boxes and smoldering volcano like ashtrays, he would have propped his feet up.

Curses! This is the third week in a row that cleaning woman has had some lame excuse or another for not making it.

At this rate, our Ray, will be buried alive in his own man-fuse by the time she gets through…

Written for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto Thursday Photo Prompt.

Opposites Attract

Art by Vincent Giarrano

He isn’t my type.
I’m a mover, a shaker, a rocker, a punk.
He’s a brainiac, a nerd, a techie, a geek.
I live for the crowd, the chaos, the smoke, the applause.
He lives for the scholarships, the level ups, the test scores, the hacks.
He trips over my amplifier cord, opens his mouth, and music pours out:

“Awkward to a fault-
Contents of a graceless life
Spewed across the floor.”

This Haibun/Senryu is written for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #synonyms only, words poets choice. The Photo Prompt, is from Mind loves Misery’s Menagerie. The word: Applause was supplied by Eugenia, at Brew N Spew Cafe. And the word: Type was supplied by Girlie on the Edge’s Six Sentence Story prompt.