Duong Tran

abandoned bike

Image Credit Hoi An- on Unsplash

Few had met Duong Tran in life. Most had gone out of their way to avoid such a meeting.

Some had slipped a crumpled bill into his hand at a crowded intersection, avoiding even eye contact as the bill transferred hands.

But when he was killed crossing an intersection that lacked a much needed crosswalk, they rallied behind him.

They rode the coattails of his death into a courtroom where they spoke passionately about the tragic loss of his life. 

A life they would have collectively continued to ignore- had he not become a very useful tool in their hands.

This piece, written in exactly 100 words, is my response to Sadje’s What Do You See? photo prompt this week.

A Chocolate Provocative


Tina’s tongue let out a single silent scream as the combination of sweet cream cheese and heady dark chocolate gilded like velvet over her titillated taste buds. 

“Mmmm..” She moaned, as she suckled any remnant of the bittersweet chocolate from each fingertip with a provocative sucking motion, sounds reminiscent of deep tongue kisses, marking her progress as she worked her way slowly from pinky to fore. 

“This is disgustingly delicious.” 

Her young coworker, Sean, stopped short by the unmistakable sound of hot wet kisses followed by guttural moans emanating from Tina’s cubical as he happened by, scrunched his brow and gave her a quizzical look that could only have been translated as, “What is wrong with you?”

“You know,” Tina whispered breathily, as she stepped in close and latched onto the button down panel of Sean’s freshly laundered white dress shirt with her free hand, “It’s not an open secret, in fact it may just be this one woman’s unbiased opinion..”

“But I would venture to guess a young man like yourself would consider himself awfully lucky,” she continued, whilst skimming his generous lower lip provocatively with a still moist forefinger, “were he to be made privy to the intimate connection between a real woman’s longings for expertly hand crafted chocolates and her need for…”

For.. Mmmm… Tell me, Sean, what would you call it?”


This piece is my response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123 where she challenges us to use one or more of the following phrases creatively. Glutton that I am, I used them all….

  1. silent scream
  2. open secret
  3. disgustingly delicious
  4. awfully lucky
  5. unbiased opinion

Oh- and a coworker of mine made these amazing chocolate truffles for us some weeks back, and I can testify to the fact that they are- disgustingly delicious.

Dorry’s folly


The enormous excavator lumbered to the water’s edge, it’s looming dragon like claw poised menacingly overhead. It had come to demolish the old Reliance. The long abandoned wooden vessel was just an eyesore to many, but to Dorry she was like family. Maybe even the sister she had never had.

The county had been threatening to demolish her, to haul her out of the estuary in pieces, for a long time. So long in fact that Dorry had failed to believe them when the date was set and a through-way was cleared by which the heavy machinery would brought in.

This morning, however, when she was awakened by the thick oily stench of burning diesel fuel being belched through her bedroom window and heard the whir of the hydraulic arm being lifted into position, she knew the county fully intended to make good on it’s threats. And it wasn’t fair, that.

Dorry couldn’t get her hopes up. She couldn’t trust the Reliance’s fate any longer in the hands of a universe that had evidently turned it’s back on both her and her beloved ship. She had to act. Dressing quickly, she slipped into the chilly waters of the estuary unnoticed.


This piece, written in 50 word increments is my humble response to this weeks 50 Word Thursday. Although I was able to use both the photo and the literary quote this week, I am not sure I am happy with the results.

The literary quote was, “It wasn’t fair that Dorry couldn’t get her hopes up.” – Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts – by Kate Racculia- and I will add, it offered quite a degree of difficulty….

Family secrets

A childhood survivor of extreme abuse and neglect herself, Rinda had always felt herself outside of the realm of shock when it came to the abysmal conditions in which some people chose to raise their children. 

However nothing could have prepared her for what she saw the moment she stepped into the tunnel the Clabbers had carved out beneath the cement slab of their basement. 

And no one knew that better than Mrs. Clabber- who lay in wait outside the tunnel’s entrance. Tire iron in hand. Ready to protect her family’s dirty secrets.


This is my response to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt.

Shadow of the farm


Rob was born two days before the bank came and ran his family off the land that had been in his father’s family for generations.

His father, unable to cope with the shame and loss, took his own life before Rod ever had a chance to know him.

He was raised not only in the shadow of a man that he would never know, but by a woman left empty and bitter by that man’s loss.

The moment Rob laid eyes on the farm that had caused so much suffering, it became clear to him. The farm had suffered too.


This week, the photo prompts offered by Crimson’s Creative Challenge and Friday Fictioneers were too closely related to pass on the opportunity to use them together. Adhering to the word count allowed me to offer only the barest of bones, but I think the premise might hold up well under a little fleshing out.