The Friar

With great secrecy she descended the rocky crag leading to the sea. The dense foliage, splintering the sun, creating an undulating dance of light- ‘prayer votives illuminating the way to eternity,’  she thought fleetingly.

She was here to meet- him.

He too was a gentle man. A fisherman. Not tall, but dark and sinewy- with irises like black drowning pools that quelled her breath each time he cast them upon her. The mere anticipation of him awoke in her a gnawing hunger, a relentless urgency- the willingness to sacrifice even heaven.

As she strained to hear his footfalls, her thoughts, a capitulated liturgy of unspeakable questions to which she knew the answers, chastised.

Shattering the moments clarity, she tossed the golden band of her betrothal into the sea and dashed upon the rocks, her vow of consecration.

Immortality, by love consumed.

Word Count: 142

This was written based on the lore that surrounds The Friar’s Rock on St. Helena Island in response to a prompt on What Pegman Saw. You may follow the link attached to the photo if you want to read the Friar’s tale.

Special thanks to Twiglets and Your Daily Word Prompt.

15 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Such gorgeous and emotional descriptions — I was transported! What a roller coaster of passion, from being willing to sacrifice heaven for this man, to the chastised moment of clarity where she realizes where her true commitment lays… Powerful stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. This is another one that I wrestled with forever.Did it come across that she was a nun renouncing her vocation? i wanted to show not tell thus the word choices, but I am not sure if it translated.


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