Burning sage

As she waved her punch card in between Genise and her current customer, demanding immediate attention, the dour faced woman spat, “You DO validate do you not?” through lips pursed so tightly one was reminiscent of the taste of bitter lime.

“Yes, indeed ma’am. We validate for all of our customers.” Genise answered cautiously.

“Well then here, I’m in a hurry.” the woman countered as she thrust the card forward letting it spiral to the floor before Genice could even reach out to meet it.

“I’m currently with a customer. Please enjoy a complimentary beverage if you like, or make yourself comfortable on the divan, I can take care of that for you as soon as we finish up here- or I could ask someone else to take care of that for you now.”

“You can’t just punch my card? It would take you all of what? Ten seconds? And I could be on my way. I. Am. In. A. Hurry. You DO understand what a hurry is don’t you?”

Watching the situation escalate from across the room, one of Genice’s coworkers grabbed the punch tool and hurried over to punch the woman, well, that is, to diffuse the situation.

As the woman turned to leave, Genise’s coworker leaned in with a wink and whispered, “Never fear, we are already burning sage in the back room!! It is NOT going to be one of those days!”

Courtesy of Sunday Writing Prompt 5×5 on MLMM- punch card, bitter lime, spiral, divan, burning sage

9 thoughts on “Burning sage

  1. I once got a card for my hubby with a hole punch on it… and it was punched in a familiar shape.
    Inside it read “I love you a hole punch.”

    Some folks would do to learn some patience. 😉

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