Even though nobody won’t fess up to votin’ for it, Dougherty County is  outlawin’ the sellin’ a alcyhol in the whole damn thang.. They’re dryin’ ‘er up, kit and kaboodle.

So me an some a my boys got together n said, “Nuff”s Nuff”.

Me n Roger come up with a hoot of a idea. We pulled up the double stair ova to the playground and loaded it on the Caterpillar Roger drives at the quarry. Come low tide we eased ‘er into the reservoir that sidles up to Buchanan County- they wet as a lost baby’s diaper ova there- and slipped it ova top the retaining wall with that Cat’s big ol crane.

Now all we gotta do is tie up Renny Will’ms pontoon boat to the stairs on the Buchanan side and va-Wa-la- Beer Barge!

Word Count: 136

Photo Prompt courtesy of Crispina Kemp at Crimson Prose on Crimson’s Creative Challenge

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