The Decomposition of Heather



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Having grasped at much and taken hold of very little in this life, I had previous to my association with Heather, spent much time inventing personas many of which I found more comfortable to inhabit than the personage I felt destined to become as the culmination of my mounting failures.

Given to repeatedly nurturing desires I was provenly incapable of bringing to fruition, I sought out the endless companionship of those with which I was ill-suited at best, and as a result left behind me an insurmountable wake of loss and destruction- that is of course- until I met her.

The truth of the matter is, that it was I that reached out to Heather- knowing full well the magnitude of her deviances- not blinded by any of the mitigatable passions that might lend a shred of humanity, nor provide a ballast against which my future sins might be weighed.

There was a luminescence about her, something both otherworldly and provocatively innocent at the same time, a transcendence of the natural, both indescribable in terms of physicality, and abashedly not of the spirit world, yet something by which I became so entranced, I was rendered incapable of seeing anything else.

I truly believed the wellsprings of her passions capable of transforming me, that she could take the leavings of all my deficiencies, toss them about like well weighted balls in the hands of a juggler, reach into the prescribed space between them and withdraw- the man I could never be.

What it all boils down to is, it was Heather that made the whole thing work out the way it did, as if she hadn’t succeeded in awakening in me the depth of passion deemed necessary to destroy human life, I should have remained incapable- of serving as her executioner.


This twisted little composition is made up of six sentences each comprised of exactly 50 words. It is the offspring of the union of Denise’s Six Sentence Stories prompt, Reach, and the literary prompt provided by Debbie on 50 Word Thursdays, “It was Heather who had made the whole thing work.” – Death of a Gossip –  by MC Beaton

29 thoughts on “The Decomposition of Heather

  1. I thought all writers had a propensity towards insanity. They’d have to. How else can they invent so many characters and situations let alone in the same story.
    Well Done!
    From one insane writer to another 🙂

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  2. “Having grasped at much and taken hold of very little in this life” great line, great opener, catches the reader instantly.

    And, do you have a nanny cam at my house! HA. good six.


  3. surely one of the highest compliments to a writer is, ‘You make the reality of the borderline non-rational, loosely-tethered, view of ‘What If’, as natural as a trip to the hardware store on a Saturday afternoon’.
    As your other readers, in their comments, are relaxing into a discussion of the geography of the creative mind* let me thank you for your stories. They resonate, not so much as to particulars of character or even plot, as much as (they) exude a certain confidence in exploring the worlds between what we are taught and what, when that is not sufficient, we imagine.

    (Sorta get a visual of the tavern in the dangerous part of town (Casablanca, Istanbul, Onlyville, Havana), full of a variety of smoke, almost too much noise and an assortment of travelers and explorers who speak in private voices, as they compare notes on expeditions and exploits. Like many new writers, I hate the difficulty getting the words to flow, but totally enjoy the result when they do. Your blog has that, “What?! No! I got a guy that’ll show us a shortcut, and I’m totally in tight with the local authorities, don’t worry about a thing” vibe. Which makes this place a refuge from the sensible/sensical world, despite the fact the bartender has one eye and a trained capuchin who can serve the easy drinks.)

    oh man, I wandered off into Storyville again!… lol what kinda joint are ya runnin here?!!

    * this is also a compliment of the highest order, to create fictional world(s) and their people that are compellingly real, so much so as to spark conversations about how they, your Readers, identify with this view or that trait… very cool

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    • I am not a people person in life. Translate, I keep no friends, but have many acquaintances. But what I do enjoy is creating personas. Yes, much like my character in this piece. But my personas come to life of a page. Well, that is, those that I don’t lie about and say they are me…..


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