An Alaskan Winter

hoar frost in Anchorage

Hoar frost in Anchorage via Reddit


There’s nothing bleak about midwinter in Alaska
Nothing bare denuded or exposed
Nothing unsheltered unprotected or unshielded
Every piercing raw stinging second of it
Glimmers and glows glistens and glitters
With a resplendency rival to that of a sun

A sun who would rather sink and simper
just below the line of the horizon,
than harm one hoar frost hair
on an Alaskan winter’s crystalline head.

This poem is my entry into Chelsea Ann Owen’s Terrible Poetry Contest. This weeks theme is The Bleak Midwinter.

20 thoughts on “An Alaskan Winter

  1. I hate to say this, for I do so admire your writing, but as an example of terrible poetry, I’m afraid this fails. I’m cold just reading it, my breath is steaming, laving my hair damp… and rapidly forming icicles. You paint the picture far too well. 🙂

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      • One thing I discovered is that I can be much more awful when I post directly to the comments on Chelsea’s blog instead of doing a post. I think something in my subconscious won’t allow my to put something that is truly awful up, a kind of self-preservation instinct or something 😉


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