When I think legend, I think Janis.


“Janis Joplin perfectly expressed the feelings and yearnings of the girls of the electric generation  to be all woman, yet equal with men; to be free, yet a slave to real love; to [reject] every outdated convention, and yet get back to the basics of life.


she died at a mere twenty seven
needle still in her arm
all alone in some
lonely hotel room
not far from hollywood blvd…
they say her appetites put her asunder-
and mourn a future- that would never unfold…

she was the pearl
that come outta port arthur
the embodiment of
gritty texas soul
she was everything
i have ever dreamed i might be-
and she died – ’cause legends can’t never get old…

This is a reprint of something I wrote on my now defunct blog …why paisley??? back in 2008 paired down to meet the word count requirements.

Word Count: 120

Weekend Writing Prompt

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