Lucky bastard

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhsh

With nothing but a fast car and a case of cold beer between us, no one objected when Li’l Juvie asked to tag along- after all he had a couple of bucks for gas.

The road flowed like a ribbon on a present just waiting to be opened as we left the burbs behind and headed for the coast. We knew a guy, who knew a guy. It was like money in the bank.

The guy took a special interest in Juvie. Seems he had a taste for fresh young boys- whom he would reward handsomely for indulging him.

“Lucky bastard.” We said under our breath, as the Lamborghini that whisked Juvie off to a life each of us could only wish had been ours, thundered out onto the strip.

Fast forward fifteen years.

A scruffy looking guy boarded the bus and immediately caught my eye. He walked up to me, and smiled, bearing the few teeth he still had.

He asked me my name.

I opened my mouth to answer, but no sound would come. He was Juvie.

I knew.

He knew, I knew.

But neither of us said a word-  

Word Count: 193

Photo Prompt Courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction

Word of the Day Challenge- wish

21 thoughts on “Lucky bastard

  1. I loved your analogy of “road flowed like a ribbon —“. The story has a dark side, you deal with it so casually. A pedophile, if Juvie is really underage, taking off in his Lamborghini and others are awed and jealous. Sixteen years later, fun loving Juvie who preferred fast life, has turned into an ugly old man whom his friends don’t want to acknowledge. A nice dark story.

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    • It wasn’t so much not acknowledging him, as it was shame. We watched as the guy drove off with him and knew full well what he wanted him for.. But the money and the drugs made it all look so glamorous at the time we were wickedly envious..

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