Behind the sewer grate


CCC #60


Local lore claimed evil lurked
behind the sewer grate
So when the kiddies come up missing,
it was sure they’d met their fate
At the hands of some dark demon-
Sure the devil’s advocate.

No one would have ever guessed
The kiddies left of their own accord
Some tired of rules and discipline
Others because they felt ignored
But most of them just flew the coop
‘Cause they was over being bored.

They’d gone off with Pliney Shrimpton
To roust dragons from their lairs
Swim in pools of chocolate mousse
And dance with grizzly bears
To sup on sweets and soda pop
And never wash behind their ears.

Life with Pliney was a party
The fun just never stopped
They played well past exhaustion
Until finally, they dropped
Into the sweetest sated slumber-

And that’s when Pliney popped-

The bubble of enchantment
In which he’d kept his evil hidden
And the world behind the sewer grate
Reverted back to Ol’ Ye Midden
A land where mirth and child’s play
were explicitly forbidden.


Sketch by Fernando Cortez

This is my response to the photo provided by Crispina Kemp on this week’s Crimson’s Creative Challenge #60.

14 thoughts on “Behind the sewer grate

  1. Excellent. I particularly liked the verse that began: They’d gone off with Pliney Shrimpton… Wonderful, seemed so believable.
    And I like your added illustration. My daughter has a book of similar illustrations. Enchanting. Inspiring.


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