Do-over in Da Nang

If single, white, female was the first thing that ran through my mind. Drinking alone, and pregnant with possibilities, was very likely the second. While a white female in this corner of the world isn’t exactly an oddity- a white civilian female in Da Nang, well, that’s something else altogether. 

Celebrating my good fortune in that she was not already surrounded by a swarm of thirsty GI’s, I grabbed my beer and headed over. Without waiting for an invite, I dragged over an empty chair from another table, swung my leg over the top, and took a seat opposite her. 

Deciding on a line that had proven itself successful for a buddy of mine on occasion I quipped, “This just isn’t doing it for me”, rather nonchalantly with a back nod of the head and just a hint of a smile- then lit a cigarette as I awaited her response. 

“You look like a rescourseful lad, perfectly capable of doing it for yourself.” She retorted, two fingers outstretched, signifying she wanted my cigarette. I handed it off without hesitation thinking it a small price to pay for the company of an attractive female with such a dry sense of humor. 

“You’re not at all who I would expect to meet in a place like this.” I stated not really considering about how it might be interpreted. Without missing a beat, she put a forefinger to each of her eyes, stretching them into slits and mimicked “Me love GI long time.”

“Oh, that’s rich.” I snapped back, shaking my head in disappointment. There was a long silence during which she circled the rim of her empty glass with her forefinger and I lit another cigarette. “This just isn’t doing it for me” I reiterated. “Me either.” She whispered. “Wanna start over?”

Once again, I took the story line in tnkerr’s lead into the prompt piece entitled, Pockets of the Dead, and drew on it for inspiration in creating this scene which in addition to being written in 50 word increments incorporates the three phrasal prompts provided by the OLWG #43. The phrases are:

  1. Drinking alone, and pregnant
  2. This just isn’t doing it for me
  3. that’s rich

9 thoughts on “Do-over in Da Nang

  1. Strong opening. You captured the awkwardness of that chance encounter. I like the balance between cynicism and sincerity. Both are “armored up” but still looking to make a genuine connection.


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