‘Farmer Vincent’s Smoked Meats’ the billboard did proclaim.
“Where our smoking process, is our claim to fame!”
Little Willie, ever curious, set off one day to see
exactly what’s so special about Farmer Vincent’s recipe.
Little Willie never did discover Farmer Vincent’s smoking secret.
Farmer Vincent smoked him out. Then ground him into a tasty tid-bit!

This is the first time I combined Terrible Poetry and Six Sentence Stories.. What can I say.. I’ll try anything once.. Special nod to the movie, Motel Hell as anyone can see it was my real inspiration…

The Terrible Poetry prompt was a Little Willie poem, see the link for details, and the word of the week on SSS was: Process….

I am posting this from my phone, so I’ll have to link to the inspiring posts next time I have connectivity.

15 thoughts on “Smokin’

  1. Your SSS is kind of like a twist of a very short original Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Edgar Allen Poe writing, and an Alfred Hitchcock film. . .a lot creepy.
    Great job of combining the two writing challenges.


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