Heat Lightning

What do you See? April 2, 2019

A too familiar grating sound, all but erases the luster of the lightning.

I awaken, blurredly scanning the room for Her Eminence.

My shock of orange feline fur is amusing herself- using an armchair as a scratching post.

I pull myself up in bed and throw a pillow at her. She leaps through the air, a nano-second before the pillow reaches her, and bounds out of the room in one fluid movement.

I mutter curses, and lay back down, reluctant to concede victory. No matter, my dream of the glorious ‘heat lightning’ from my childhood, is just as gone.

Written for: Helene’s What Do You See? and Charli’s Carrot Ranch 99 word Flash Fiction Challenge word: Eminence. I know, a little too late…

For anyone who has never seen ‘heat lightning’

28 thoughts on “Heat Lightning

  1. It takes a cat to ruin your dream and furniture. Great story for the two prompts Violet. Thanks you for the video, that was amazing to watch.

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  2. Yes, I have seen heat lightning. When one is hoping for rain that doesn’t come… in a hot summer night – that power, what a show! I can see how a cat would think they are in total control, I’ve had a few of them too.

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