Attention to detail

Photo Courtesy of C E Ayer

Hector showed up at work today out of uniform. The tike sized salmon polo he chose to wear instead instantly made him the victim of some harsh ridicule at the hands of his fellow employees. (ie. Who you supposed to be? Little Jackie Paper looking for his Puff??)

Not unaccustomed to a bit of abuse at the hands of his coworkers, Hector did his best to take it in stride. That is of course before his little dress code infraction was noticed by the big boss.

“Reverendez!” Mr. Merlin boomed from across the theme park the moment he noticed the not so smiling face protruding from the the up end of the pint sized near pink polo belonged to one of his least favorite employees. “Have I got a job for you!”

He sentenced Hector to take up the least favored position in all of Dragon’s Lair. Rear Emissions Monitor at the Fire Breathers exhibit.

“That, ought to teach him to pay attention to de-tail.”

Word Count: 165

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction

39 thoughts on “Attention to detail

  1. Ha ha, “rear emissions monitor” is hilarious – and yes, I can see how that punishment would inspire better discipline from now on! But now I’m curious: why would Hector risk that in order to wear a small pink shirt? Sounds like there might be an interesting (ahem) BACKstory there.

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