Oil Can

Photo by Nick Allen

The first young comic of the evening was introduced, took center stage, grabbed the mic from the stand and opened her mouth to speak…

Instead, her vision blurred, her stomach cramped, her ears rang, and sweat began trickling down her scalp..

She was stuck, frozen, could not move, speak, nothing.

In effort to regain her composure, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened her mouth once again.

What came out was nearer to a croak and sounded faintly reminiscent of the tin man,

“Oooooiiillll ccccaaaannnn”

And the audience, convinced they had just witnessed comedic genius, applauded madly…

Word Count: 100

50 thoughts on “Oil Can

  1. I’d rather think it WAS comedic genius. I mean, it’s really, really funny if those words just popped into her head because she was frozen, and the audience seemed to think so too. I love this–made me laugh 🙂

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  2. Nice..It just goes to show what suckers some people are for anything that’s labelled avante garde, experimental ,etc. Assuming she really was in the throes of an anxiety attack, she’ll have lots of trouble, from then on, trying to keep up.

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