Summer vacation

Luggage by Alexis on Pixabay

life has been one long endless summer vacation lost luggage canceled flights hotels with no HBO sandy beaches endless nights spent wading in hot water close calls getting caught up stopping short of letting go doing nothing so long that it finally gets boring taking off on a tear in a t-bar and bra make up and cigarettes toothbrush at the ready why hang on to dirty laundry just throw that shit out grabbing at straws as they strike at my fancy waking up wearing nothing but an old worn wild hair in hot pursuit of a synonym for i wanna get higher diving too deep in some roughneck’s water seeking someone i can drown in or maybe just drift- far away from myself.

Stream of consciousness form stolen from MBrazfieldM of Words Less Spoken because I am envious of how well she writes it. Content inspired by Chelsea Ann Owens’ Terrible Poetry Contest’s call for poetry about the excitement of summer vacation…..