now i lay me down to sleep
my daddy’s skull i always keep
beside me on a little chair
remembering when he sat there…

and how he touched me when he did.
when i was just a little kid
too young to know, it wasn’t right
too small, to put up a big fight

he told me it would be alright
his touching me, in the dark of night
but i was smarter, than he thought
and could not wait, till he got caught

i poisoned him with powder that
had killed the mice and then the cat
i fed it to him every day
and waited for him- to go away

not for long, did this go on
as quickly he was too far gone
to stave it off, to save himself-
i killed him dead. all by my self…



oh, i love da roaring twenty’s,
and if i could have one wish,
i’d wanna be a flappa’,
and have the goys call me a ‘dish’..

i’d drink my fill a bathtub gin,
and romance all da toughest gangsta’s,
wear a cute little gat strapped to my gam,
and swing ta all da hot jazz masta’s..

i’d dance da charleston with da best a dem
all a shimmy-in, in my fringe,
get in every club wid a wink at da door,
and stay up days on end on a binge..

oh, dose were da glory days,
da rug was being cut,
da twenties to me was da bees knees,
with a slinky flappa’ strut….

The Tree

CCC #27

It was there that they planted her. Once upon a time, when they were young and very much in love.

It was there that they planted her. There, where the sun was full. There where the rains fell, trickling down, through her, into the surrounding fields.

It was there that they planted her, but it was she that brought forth from the womb of her earthen mystery, the tree.

The tree that once grew and blossomed, as she would have. The tree that served as a living reminder, that she had lived.

The tree that watched over them, much as they had envisioned themselves watching over her. The day they welcomed her into their world. Into their lives. Into their hearts.

Only to find, she had no intention of staying.

Once upon a time, when they were young and very much in love..

Posted for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27