Far off and away..

“I liked the rush, I liked the crunch. Never did look back at the fallout.” Mathias held his sainted Irish mother’s work-worn hands in his, and squeezed them tight enough to stop his own hands from shaking.

“Once I had a taste of it, don’t ya see Ma, it was like the drink. The guns, the power, the knowing I.. Uh, well, I don’t know about this. How to explain it to you I mean. But I couldn’t stop, Ma. Couldn’t say no. And now, well, now I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I’m in too deep. I’ve done too much. I can’t.. I mean..”

Tears still stinging his eyes, Mathias looked upon the once feathery lines, now cut deep into the soft, pale skin around his mother’s tired eyes. All the worry and strife he had thrust upon since he took up the fight for the cause had taken their toll. He had done this to her, as surely as if he had taken a knife to her himself. 

“You’ve not involved yourself in some little snickersnee in the street this time me lad.” His mother licked her thumb and swept away a smudge of dried blood from her youngest son’s cheek as she continued. “You’ve killed a man. There’s no burryin’ your face in me skirt pleats gonna save ya now. You’ve got to run. You’ve got to go. There is no other way.”

A prevailing silence swept in, swallowing them both. The moments that they had left to be together, ticked off in the rain drumming on the roof. The words they could not bring themselves to say, murmured low in the rumblings of thunder- far off and away in the distance. 

This piece was written utilizing the first line provided by Dylan on MLMM’s First Line Friday, and the prompts offered by OLWG’s Challenge #7. The phrases provided there were:

  1. Rain drumming on the roof
  2. I don’t know about this
  3. Snickersnee (which was a new word for me, meaning a fight involving knives)


The prompt on Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Challenge is Indistinct, and the word count, eighteen. I chose to shed a momentary light on a subject that seems to have some very indistinct lines of demarcation.

I offer you eighteen words, from two of the opposing sides of this street…

"So what if I am asking for it?
You don’t believe I deserve anything else I ask for."

“… picked prostitutes because I thought I could kill as many of them as I wanted without getting caught…”

Gary Leon Ridgway , The Green River Killer.

Boleyn’s Bull

His Lordship was really starting to get on Anne’s nerves. He had been insufferable since the news of her betrothal was announced.

He had been in love with her since childhood. She had repeatedly told him the feelings were not mutual. Couldn’t he get that through his thick skull?

Having had enough, and worried His Lordship might try to argue his case with the King, Anne consulted the local apothecary. Had they anything to shut him up?

It turns out, they did.. A couple of drops in his goblet- he would become whatever she asked of him..

“Let’s have a glass of wine,” Anne suggested.

That’s when he started:

“…No one will ever love you as much as I do, your doing all three of us a great disservice…”

Exasperated, Anne screamed, “Shut up and drink you bull-headed rock!!!”

He gulped down his wine, and obliged her- on all counts….

Word Count: 150

This was written in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #12 Photo Prompt.

The Scent

In 1977 in North Olmsted, Ohio a 17 year old girl, named Yvonne Regler went to work at a local gas station/convenience store on a sunny summer afternoon- and just disappeared. The money was still in the till. She left her purse behind. There were no signs of foul play…

Like a wisp of smoke

trailing from the wick

of an outed candle,

she disappeared silently..

Slipped, from the light

into the dark..

The scent

of the burning wax

remained in the air

(an acceptable amount of time-

as we tucked ourselves away

safely in our soft suburban beds)

and then, like she-

was gone- without a trace…


sometimes when I breath

the tender curl

of her waxen smoke


as if from nowhere..

It will fill the air,

then just as quickly-

once again, be gone..

A gentle reminder

of an ordinary girl

on an ordinary day

in an ordinary place-

on extraordinary journey..

Long since removed

but never quite forgotten….

Posted for MLMM Prompt: Harbinger

Pink Slip


Photo by tunaolger on Pixabay

long about 5:30,

the whole dang thang

jus’ took a shit…

i felt the final curtain

a commin’ down

-took ta spinin’

i had to sit…

set there fer

a good hour,

head a tucked


bu’tween my knees.

mama wadnna kiddin’

when she said

they’d be days like these…

i snapped a

ten weight

line a spittle

from the corner a my lip.

grabbed a half

drunk up bud wizer

can, like ta crush

under my grip.

tipped ‘er back

and took a swag

warm as piss-

it hit my throat.

i swallered hard,

finished her off,

and snatched up

the remote..

i mashed down

on the pow’r button

pinched off a chaw,

an took ta chewin’

flipped on past

the nightly news,,

don’t much care

what this country’s doin’….

when a man

can’t feed his chi’dren,

can’t keep a roof

over his wife.

when they come to take

your home-

the one damn thang

you worked fer all your life..

when you have ta hide

yer truck at night,

as they’s a wantin’

that back too..

when yer kids is sick,

but the doc’s moved on,

can’t afford

to treat the likes a you..

you can’t pay

too much nevermind

to the fallin’

a ol’ wall street

when they done handed

you your pink slip-

and ya ain’t sure

how yer kids is gone eat….

I am taking the liberty of posting this to Ragtag Daily Prompt as I believe the ability to immerse oneself in one’s character is as viable a use of the prompt as using the physical word in your text. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.