I Soar

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I have long overcome the pangs of loneliness. I luxuriate in time spent alone. It is my sanctuary. My fortress. I rush towards it, as once I ran into the arms of a lover. It holds me close, drinks me in, makes me whole- in a way I only ever dreamed- a lover could.

Alone, in my room
All around me, the air sleeps.
In silence, I soar.

A Haibun with Haiku written for Misky’s Twiglet # 122: the air sleeps.

A little white lie

Photo courtesy of Krista Purmale on Unsplash

“Charlatan.” I cackled, as the lovelorn young man who paid handsomely for my Pink Moon Potion, stepped outside. He raised his arm, hailed a cab, and was gone.

“On the 19th of this month, at exactly 7:12 AM, she must drink this.” I had instructed. “The transformation is immediate.”

A little white lie. No one would come to any harm.

Charlatan Pink Moon
Brings hope of transformation
Where there should be none.

A Haibun written using Sammi Cox Weekend Writing prompt: Charlatan, in exactly 61 words (prose only). Frank J Tassone’s Haikai Challenge word prompt: Pink Moon and Tnkerr’s OLGW #98 using the phrases:‘outside, he raised his arm and hailed a cab’ and ‘a little white lie’


Anything but a warm embrace- her words, her tone, I allow to gurgle through me like so many garbled voices crossing distant waters. Amidst the din, even her mask of blatant disapproval is rendered ineffective.

Weddings and funerals. It is what we had been reduced to. Even they grate on my already chaffed soul, as I anticipate the moments we will be forced to breathe the same air, smiling insufferably for the sake of appearances.

Blurred voices surround the wall of stone on which our ceaseless duel plays out. The silent precipice of no return. But no one seems to notice our stilted stances, or the fact we have worn our war faces to the party.

Then it hits me. This distaste we have for each other, may very well be the only thing we will ever share.. I savor the epiphany. Clutch it to my breast.

Much like I know there must have been a time, when she clutched me, her firstborn, to hers…

All but lost without
you. As are you without me.
But we know. Don’t we?

A Haibun/Haiku written under the influence of Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, Misky’s twiglet, ‘voices crossing water’ and Go Dog Go Cafe’s Tuesday Writing Prompt: ‘blurred thoughts‘. All interwoven to surround Helene’s What Do You See Photo Prompt

Vernal Haikuz

Photo by Levi Guzman via Unsplash

Grace, Charm, and Beauty
The three graces escape me
In mud covered boots
To me, spring cleaning
Means finding out what’s taken
Root under the fridge
Giai’s hot flashes
Window panes on roller skates
Her prerogative

Shall I continue?
There are more where those came from.
I’m game if you are.

Written for Chelsea Ann Owens terrible Poetry Contest. This weeks call is for springtime haiku.

Shadow Dancing

I slow dance with the silhouettes of my transgressions. To a polonaise of hurt and regret; I dip and spin and twirl, until the twinkling of the ballroom stars converge and shed their light on the insight I have gained as a result of having lived through my sins, and come out wiser, on the other side.

Wisdom’s alchemy

Sins orchestrated shadows

Emerge as spirit guides

Haiku Haibun written (but posted too late to qualify) for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #synonyms only for Follow and Lead. My choices are italicized.