Chena Sled Dog

I go for the Aurora Borealis. I think witnessing such grandeur will infuse color into this black and white existence I have called a life for way too long. I am not prepared to lose my heart to a bunch of mixed breed dogs tethered on 12 foot chains, overlooking little wooden houses, encircled by hard packed yellow snow.

As the sled pulls into the kennel, the tethered dogs oneness of vision is glaringly evident. They howl and dance and run and jest, “Pick me! Pick me!” they cry out- as a lump forms in my throat, and tears come- I feel their lust..

It is then that I realize, I lack their singleness of vision. I am so busy struggling to have it all, I have nothing..

As I settle into the sled, and feel the magnificence that is attained by the singular vision of ten mixed breed dogs pulling together, I know, alas- I have found my teacher..

Icy arctic air

alone, cannot obscure what

I have come to learn.

Written fort Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday #synonyms only for meaning and passion. My choices are italicized.