Alabaster sentiments
written in the delible ink
of a honeysuckles blood.
Promises parading on tiptoes
their muffled footfalls
affixed to strands of memory
tho’ no little feat to hear,
remain soothing when recognized.
Unlike a scarf
held aloft on an exhalation,
a love preserved of hope
remains alight
long after the simmer
has left the pot.


This piece was inspired by the twelve words in this weeks Wordle #162 provided by MLMM. The words were:

Delible- capable of being deleted



 CCC #59

She placed a crown of candles
Upon her cinder colored head
Lit them all quite brightly
Slipped into her sea of downy bed
The fires of passion
Alas re-lit
She closed her tired eyes
Tonight she’d say hello again
She was so tired of goodbyes.

This was inspired by this weeks photo prompt on Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

Sweet lyric lips

Santa Baby by thatgirlashy on deviantart
It took sixty sprites in all 
to drag, the bright red cloak
the babe’d been swaddled in.
Another twenty or so to tow the winch
and lift the bab into the wagon.

Forty pixies gingerly unwrapped 
the bab, so all the fae could see,
Sweet lyric lips, into the fog emit- 
soft breaths, deep and soothing-
in the shape of a sleeping dragon. 

Earlier this week I read a piece entitled, The Oracle Part 4- Adelthryth- by Jen Goldie. One line in particular really blew me away. That line was, “Soft breaths, deep and soothing in the shape of a sleeping dragon.”

I had used this photo years ago as an e-christmas greeting and just thought the words and the photo were too good a match to let the day go by without using them together. 

Thank you Jen for the most amazing inspiration..

Merry Christmas to all!

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble pasting text in verse on WordPress? It will not allow me to do it and thus the reformatted text….


regurgitated bits of 
long masticated memories
your every imperfection 
sweet upon my lips
drunk on dis-stilled spirits
the tang of demons 
on my tongue  
by my own breathe
I am left inebriate
as we, I sup upon.

Barry, a fellow poet and otherworldly kindred spirit, has written a poem entitled, Not Like That, But Deeper Still that wrenched from me such emotion I could answer it only with poetry.

Though I find the culmination of these words sorely lacking, I dare not devote anymore time to these memories for surely to do so would be my downfall…


God Money

Rhetorical “I love you’s”-
batted back and forth like flies
squandered sex replaces passion
 satin bed sheets stained with lies.
Caustic conversations, peppered
black with loathings mold,
through laser whitened smiles
veneering loveless, store bought souls..
A marriage of constituents,
fed on debt devoured dreams
youthful longings long succumbed,
to god money’s siren screams…
Credit cards, and joint accounts
the bones on which they feed-
A living breathing sacrifice,
to avarice and greed…