Diner Waitress

diner waitress

on occasion,
bits of her broke free.
they slipped onto
greasy platters
piled high with
thick cured bacon and
fluffy scrambled eggs.
were made palatable
with a gloss of
sweet cream butter
or a slathering
of strawberry jam.
washed down
behind strong
hot coffee slurped
from never empty
cups which sat atop
the cool laminate
counter top
behind which-
she existed.

A while back I was involved in a comment conversation that revolved around the idea that certain classes of people seem only to exist in the setting in which they are familiar to us. I believe this piece to be an off shoot of that conversation.


Next meal


The Poor Fisherman by Pierre Puvis de Chevannes (1881)

We cling together
Like starving fishermen
Pulling up stones.
Casting nets by day
Lots by night
Crooked tooth smiles
flash. As short
straws are drawn.

This verse was inspired by the two phrasal prompts offered by the OLWG this week. The phrases were: we cling together and fishermen pulling up stones.

An Alaskan Winter

hoar frost in Anchorage

Hoar frost in Anchorage via Reddit


There’s nothing bleak about midwinter in Alaska
Nothing bare denuded or exposed
Nothing unsheltered unprotected or unshielded
Every piercing raw stinging second of it
Glimmers and glows glistens and glitters
With a resplendency rival to that of a sun

A sun who would rather sink and simper
just below the line of the horizon,
than harm one hoar frost hair
on an Alaskan winter’s crystalline head.

This poem is my entry into Chelsea Ann Owen’s Terrible Poetry Contest. This weeks theme is The Bleak Midwinter.



Alabaster sentiments
written in the delible ink
of a honeysuckles blood.
Promises parading on tiptoes
their muffled footfalls
affixed to strands of memory
tho’ no little feat to hear,
remain soothing when recognized.
Unlike a scarf
held aloft on an exhalation,
a love preserved of hope
remains alight
long after the simmer
has left the pot.


This piece was inspired by the twelve words in this weeks Wordle #162 provided by MLMM. The words were:

Delible- capable of being deleted