Northern Lights

Galactic Image

Seeking photon light emissions, the result of molecular collisions, in just the right atmospheric conditions, I traverse the wilderness that is Northern Alaska in the cold-dead-calm, of the waxing crescent moon, this starless February night.

Where mesmerized by oxygen induced phosphorescent colors of near mystical proportion- I shout a challenge to the Universe- “Inject me with such vibrancy of color- or release me from this life- I live in only black and white.”

I draw a line through
Aurora Borealis
Quivering black ink.

Written for Tanka Tuesday



button eyes by lady delirium

Button Eyes by Lady Delirium on deviantart

The epitome
Of naivety lingers
Only long enough
To hone the fated spike-
with which youth is impaled

A car pulls up alongside the bench, on which I’m sitting. He rolls down the window, smiles, and asks me if I’m ok. I tell him yes- not realizing my youthful demeanor betrays me- he knows I am alone, and have no place to stay.

I get in the car and we make the necessary small talk. Just long enough for the inevitable proposition to be made. And even though I know all along it’s coming, it takes a moment for me to translate what he’s saying.

I do my best to answer nonchalantly- to act as if I do this every day. I tell myself, ‘Just shut up and do it! You need the money. There IS no other way.”

Triumphant! I check into the room, I can afford now. I feel like god!  -until I am alone behind the door.

By necessity
forged, of molten circumstance
misguided invocation-
Casts a formidable tool

In response to Coleen’s Tanka Tuesday. #synonyms only for slow and work. my choices are italicized.

Special thanks to Misky’s Twiglet #111 phrase- behind the door

And Eugenia at BrewNSpew Cafe for the weekly prompt- epitome

Table Scraps


Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Artic blue
Tempestuous moods
Kiss the moon
Bite the cat
Unbridled squalls of passion
Preclude all romance

Flesh’s slaves
Masticating sex
Subsist on
Table scraps
Luxuria unsated
E’er tightens grasp

By obsession strapped
Moon wrought tool
Feline snatch
Allow just enough drag- to
Remain drugged, along.

A Shadorma written for Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms for the words Storm and Cold. My choices are italicized.

With a special thanks to Misky for her Twiglet, ‘kiss the moon’.

Despised Conundrum


Photo: thommas68 on Pixabay

I’m trying something new, and I’m not sure I’ve accomplish it. It’s called a Haibun, which is an English form of Japanese poetry that includes a first person prose narrative partnered with a Haiku or a  Tanka.

From my basic understanding the poem is supposed to reflect a juxtaposition of the prose theme, seemingly different, yet somehow connected.

I chose a Tanka with a 57577 syllable structure as suggested in the very informative guidelines I am quoting from here. They were made available to me on the blog of Colleen Chesebro The Faery Whisperer .

I am also putting it out there for constructive criticism by poets familiar with the form by entering Colleens Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge using #synonyms only for the words mystery and attract, my choices are italicized.

Here we go:

Despised Conundrum
of contentment, seduced by
Senda’s expelled sweet
plankton perfumed breath, alone-
adrift- angers salted sea.

I state my case and stand my ground. Let the sparks fly where they may. Ridgely invincible- I indignantly fan the flames. When life has become too comfortable, I set my own world ablaze, trample bridges as they burn; and from the cinders rise again..


What follows is an example of a Quintain written in response to the formed poetry challenge on dVerse, utilizing the word prompts from FOWC – fluid (a day late I admit) and the Wacky Weekend Challenge – explosion.  -Oh, and about the subject matter, that’s all dVerses fault.

Rivulets of whispering sweat
Fluidly tracing sinew taut
Limbs and loins aching longings whet
Convulsive carnal release sought
Explodes with risk of being caught