Burning sage

As she waved her punch card in between Genise and her current customer, demanding immediate attention, the dour faced woman spat, “You DO validate do you not?” through lips pursed so tightly one was reminiscent of the taste of bitter lime.

“Yes, indeed ma’am. We validate for all of our customers.” Genise answered cautiously.

“Well then here, I’m in a hurry.” the woman countered as she thrust the card forward letting it spiral to the floor before Genice could even reach out to meet it.

“I’m currently with a customer. Please enjoy a complimentary beverage if you like, or make yourself comfortable on the divan, I can take care of that for you as soon as we finish up here- or I could ask someone else to take care of that for you now.”

“You can’t just punch my card? It would take you all of what? Ten seconds? And I could be on my way. I. Am. In. A. Hurry. You DO understand what a hurry is don’t you?”

Watching the situation escalate from across the room, one of Genice’s coworkers grabbed the punch tool and hurried over to punch the woman, well, that is, to diffuse the situation.

As the woman turned to leave, Genise’s coworker leaned in with a wink and whispered, “Never fear, we are already burning sage in the back room!! It is NOT going to be one of those days!”

Courtesy of Sunday Writing Prompt 5×5 on MLMM- punch card, bitter lime, spiral, divan, burning sage


Alley of Sheep

Photo courtesy of C E Ayr

“Yea, though I walk through the Alley of Sheep, I will fall prey to no evil: for Art is watching over me;  through the 80mm scope on his M14 Sniper rifle, in position when they come for me.”    

“On your three.” Art articulates into my earbud.

My cue.

I opened one of the content specific trash cans and began to forage- focused on the featherlite foot falls coming in on my right.

“Zzzsnapcht” -I hear the shot make its mark-

About the same time I notice some idiot has thrown recyclables in the solid waste container! What a freakin’ world!

Word Count: 100

Photo Prompt Courtesy of Sunday Photo Fiction

Tire Swing

He swung a right at the old barn foundations and slowed, winding down the faded ribbon of the Ole Ginny Combs Road as it laced its way toward the house where he and his would live out their days in the shadow of that fine oak tree- where local yarn would have it, Ginny herself had spent many a warm summer’s day, on an old tire swing, knotted to a low branch, long before life became a ligature, and she found herself a dangling, at the end of her own rope….

Word Count: 91

Courtesy of Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Confederacy of Dunce Caps

Photo by Russell Gayer

Over the course of the summer the neighbors house disappeared behind a hedge of spiral sand heaps each corresponding to a hole of equal but reverse volume.

Our best guess is the neighbor buried something as a method of hiding it from someone they thought may have occasion to look for it, and has in the end succeeded, only in hiding it (and very successfully I might add) from themselves.

Pity is, we’ve grown so much fonder of the Confederacy of Dunce Caps than we ever really were of the neighbor- and odds are- they’re getting close…

Word Count : 97

Photo Prompt courtesy of Friday Fictioneers

Reference made to the book A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole


T’was her ‘eyes of porcelain and of blue’, that ensnared me from the start- like daggers edge they cut me thru- thrust passions blade- into my cold dead, heart..

They seared past years of frozen flesh, pierced sinew, shattered bone- carved out a place inside my soul-  my will- now hers alone..

To be granted the privilege of breathing the air she exhaled into the night, I sacrificed- no cursed-  no damned- all that I knew to be right…

Soothingly she sucked me in, entangled me, entwined, till lost in greedful, lusting flesh, I slipped past the last safeguard- of my merely mortal mind..

She arched and curled around me now, sliding her lips of scarlet silk, over mouth, past chin, down curve of throat-  alas to sup- my heady crimson milk…

As she drained from me life’s sweetest succor, I found her anything but cruel- for I emerge the sated host- from her cursed immortal renewal…

Six Sentence Story courtesy of Girlie on the Edge

‘eyes of porcelain and of blue’, Lyrics from Bye Bye Love by The Cars

*Madder Defined Adjective- wildly excited or confused; frantic:         overcome by desire, eagerness, enthusiasm, etc.; excessively or uncontrollably fond; infatuated: