Deck chairs on the Titanic


CCC #71

The hotel has become a ghost town overnight.

Halls and common areas bustling with adventure seekers only weeks ago, are now somber and desolate.

The unforgiving drone of Fox News drowns out any chance of levity, casting its shadow of disease and distress over the common areas and infecting all that come within earshot.

Conversations have been pirated by fear and uncertainty, and although they continue to dot themselves generously with toilet paper punch lines- no one is really laughing- on the inside.

Meanwhile, I smile, apologize appropriately for the absence of our ordinarily amazing continental breakfast buffet, and pass out a meager selection of breakfast foods with all the necessary attention to detail I imagine was given to the rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

This is my response to the above photo provided by Crispina on her weekly prompt, Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

18 thoughts on “Deck chairs on the Titanic

      • Mine too. Except I can’t get out of town to take photos. But I do have a huge backlog to use. Other than that I could bore you all with photos of the estuary, and the river and ships, and the deserted beach and the closed-down amusement arcades and the dunes.

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      • Our buses are running… though I noticed yesterday they were mostly empty. I don’t know what they’ll do in the coming weeks. Still, our dear Mr Boris (can’t help thinking of that spider) has assured everyone that the government will give financial assistance wherever needed during this calamity.
        I have to say, I think he’s been studying footage of Winston Churchill. His delivery has a certain sameness.


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