What’s in a name?

rose bad fox studio defunct link

Bad Fox Studios Defunct link

She had been given that name Glorious back when her Mama was hell bent on becoming a Christian.

She grew up being called Glori. That’s Glori with an I, not Glory with a Y.

And that made a difference, but only to Mama. Who had by then divorced herself completely from Christianity and taken up the path of the Buddha, to whom something called dukkha was even more important than glory was to Christians.

So she kept her mouth shut about the whole I and Y thing and just considered herself lucky she had been born during Mama’s Christian phase.

Here are 100  words about as near to nothing as you can get without writing nothing at all. I was however able to include the word, Glorious, as provided by Eugenia this week on her site Eugi’s Causerie. So I guess all is not for naught.

13 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Because my mother was named after her father (who was hell-bent on a boy as his first born), she passed that legacy on to me, the child of her 2nd marriage, by naming me after my anglophile father. What she tried with all 3 of her children was to give them names that could not be shortened as a nick-name. We did it anyway.

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