CCC #70

Although she openly attributed little good to her upbringing, there was no denying she had been taught the difference between right and wrong.

Many times over the course of her life she had found it necessary to humble herself. To return to the firm foundation which had been instilled upon her as a child. But she never stayed long.

Invariable the wounds that had driven her there would heal. And bolstered by the callus of scar tissue that inevitably formed where those wounds had once been, she would venture out again.

Every time further. And further…

Until eventually it became necessary to erode every shred of what she knew to be decency before she was humbled enough to admit she had been wrong yet again. Before she could bring herself to return.

And when she finally did, she found the foundation that she had always known to be firm and strong- cracked and fissured.

Years of neglect and abuse, alas having taken their toll.


This is my response to the photo prompt offered on Crimson’s Creative Challenge #70.

21 thoughts on “Eroded

  1. Powerful and true, and yet … I would venture to say that sometimes, underneath that cracked foundation, lay the possibility of relocating to a new ‘home’ or of pouring on a new foundation, embedded in with the old.
    Very evocative, Violet!

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