Memory Lane

fountain ceayr

Photo Courtesy of C E Ayr

We gathered at Auntie’s deathbed to share memories..

Gramma reminded Auntie of the day she sold their mother’s spaghetti pot to the “Paper! Rags!” man to buy ice cream.

Mama reminded Auntie of the day she tried to teach us all to make potica, and every one but hers came out like a lead sinker.

Finally, it was my turn.

“Remember at family reunions how all us kids would sneak down the basement to play with Uncle Louie’s whisky decanter? The little boy that pissed whisky?”

Auntie struggled to smile, then whispered, “My Louie, such a filthy sense of humor.”


This is my 100 word response to this weeks photo prompt provided by Rochelle on this weeks Friday Fictioneers

52 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. This was wonderful, Violet! I love how gathering at someone’s deathbed (or funeral) brings forth memories each one cherishes… especially the ones that make you laugh. Celebrate life instead of death, I say.

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  2. That’s a new one for me! Well, of course, no whiskey in my house, so maybe that’s the reason. In any event, I thought your story was tender and loving, and a good way to gather ’round a loved one who is facing death.

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