Clarice, the understudy, stepped onto the stage that had seen the show’s star vanquished mysteriously while enacting the death scene just three days earlier.

Under the smoky stage lights, she recreated the classic role.

She brought a pathos to the character that not even Shakespeare himself had imagined. Delivered her dirge of dialogue with the solemnity of postcards sent from an execution. Indeed that night, Ophelia was reborn.

Unfortunately, the life into which she was reborn ended with Clarice’s most pedestrian delivery of the line, “It’s got nothing to do with me!” whilst being served a warrant for murder.

This is my 99 word response to a call for fiction surrounding a girl named Clarice issued by Charlie at Carrot Ranch. I have incorporated the three phrasal prompts offered this week by the OLWG #145 for good measure.

The phrases were:

smoky stage lights
postcards from the execution
it’s got nothing to do with me

31 thoughts on “Clarice

  1. Superbly done, V. Loved the ending.
    I’ll tell you a story involving Ophelia. In 1964 I auditioned for a role in Hamlet. I wanted to play Laertes but since the actress playing Ophelia had black hair the director gave the part to another, in my opinion very subpar, actor who had black hair. So unfair. During a rehearsal he hit the guy playing Horatio in the eye with his epee and I had to take him to the emergency room at the hospital, since I was the only guy with a car, he was okay and later went on to play Rolf in the movie Sound of Music. I’m still pissed about not getting to play Laertes, especially since a year later I dyed my hair black to play a Mexican character named Ysidro in a play for the same director. I would not have stabbed Danny in the eye. True story.

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  2. Hmm… speaking of carrying things off well. Most fun read. I laughed out loud at the ending.
    So interesting where a combination of prompts can lead. 😀


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