Hagglers Market


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The eldest would do the haggling. It would be done in whispered tones, so those who followed in the queue would not know at what price a deal had been struck.

Once a price was agreed, the younger would discreetly withdraw the sum not required for today’s purchase, before hoisting to the counter a bucket so laden with coin, it had taken both of them to carry.

It would never do for the shopkeeper to be privy to how much they held in reserve. As were he, the cost of a loaf would surely be just that much higher tomorrow.

This is my 100 word response to this weeks Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt.

41 thoughts on “Hagglers Market

  1. It would indeed. And it’s great to see you again after so many years 🙂 If you go back on my site and click the keyudos button on the header, you’ll find a schedule of the main prompt sites available nowadays. I think you’ll enjoy them. Oh, and you’re on one of them now.

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