Shadow of the farm


Rob was born two days before the bank came and ran his family off the land that had been in his father’s family for generations.

His father, unable to cope with the shame and loss, took his own life before Rod ever had a chance to know him.

He was raised not only in the shadow of a man that he would never know, but by a woman left empty and bitter by that man’s loss.

The moment Rob laid eyes on the farm that had caused so much suffering, it became clear to him. The farm had suffered too.


This week, the photo prompts offered by Crimson’s Creative Challenge and Friday Fictioneers were too closely related to pass on the opportunity to use them together. Adhering to the word count allowed me to offer only the barest of bones, but I think the premise might hold up well under a little fleshing out.

27 thoughts on “Shadow of the farm

  1. A clever melding of two prompts. And a hint of an interesting backstory. Myself, I’d have no time for that father. Shame, shame, shame… shame he left his wife to struggle! Oops, that stirred me. 🙂


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