Intermittent luminescence

‘Oh, but for the intermittent
luminescence of life
that breaks through
the ordinary
in the off moments.’

Sylvie composed her opening stanza even as she waited for her laptop to boot. 

While the baby wasn’t sodden for the thousandth time. While the two year old wasn’t scrubbing the kitchen floor with grape jelly. While the thirteen year old was not sneaking stenciled sugar skulls onto the freshly painted walls of her bedroom. While her husband was not rife with worry or struggling to make yet another day of this mayhem possible. 

Were it not for these stolen moments when she could stuff her prayers in her pockets and by way of her words slip through the cracks of her mundane existence-  she felt sure she would have stumbled far outside this comfort zone she called a life by now. Maybe even tossed it all away. 

A lump formed in her throat just thinking about it. 

But then the dryer buzzed. And the thirteen year old yelled that the two year old was pulling down the drapes, which started the baby crying….

This is my response to MLMM’s Wordle #167 this week. The words were:

  1. Stencil*
  2. Drape*
  3. Comfort Zone*
  4. Luminescence*
  5. Intermittent*
  6. Struggle*
  7. Crack*
  8. Thousand*
  9. Prayer*
  10. Lump*
  11. Throat*
  12. Sodden*



18 thoughts on “Intermittent luminescence

  1. Luckily as a grandparent I can now send the grands home… after a ‘trying’ visit.
    But now they are older so the visits are less trying – No more diapers for me.
    Life however still tosses some curve balls. And escaping into a world of words is what writers do 😉


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