Next meal


The Poor Fisherman by Pierre Puvis de Chevannes (1881)

We cling together
Like starving fishermen
Pulling up stones.
Casting nets by day
Lots by night
Crooked tooth smiles
flash. As short
straws are drawn.

This verse was inspired by the two phrasal prompts offered by the OLWG this week. The phrases were: we cling together and fishermen pulling up stones.

10 thoughts on “Next meal

  1. Does one take the pulling up of stones to be the stones used as anchors in day long gone? Therefore to pull up stones means to move on. I think it’s so, since it fits the story. And I do like the story, the words, the… well, the everything 🙂

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  2. One skill of many I lack… using a rod and reel. I’ll just have to use my ‘pen’ to capture my ‘prey’…
    I read a book about a gal who lived on a lighthouse island and she and her family lived off the fish…

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