Dirty Laundry


Miss Tonks, the weakest, had been persuaded to go on a raiding mission. Categorically this defied everything Miss Tonks had ever stood for, or at least was believed to have stood for, and therefore caused a great deal of upheaval amongst the parents of her young, and presumably weaker charges.

Miss Troy, the beleaguered, clearly beset with the difficult role of defender, took center stage in the investigation citing multiple instances where in both she and Miss Tonks, the weaker, had been forcibly manipulated by threat of dismissal by their superior, Miss Claire. Cases in which they had regrettably succumbed.

Miss Claire, the formidable, denied any and all accusations against her, claiming that she could not have been the brains behind such an intrusive operation- as no such thing as the so referenced raiding mission ever took place. To her knowledge. At least not as far as she was concerned. 

Now it was up to Miss Demeanor, the judgemental, to decide who if any among them would be charged- and if so, with what exactly. Was there an actual law that barred teachers from publicly airing their students woefully unwashed undergarments? Or was this simply a matter of bad taste?

This bit of nonsense can be attributed to the literary prompt supplied by Debbie this week on 50 Word Thursdays. The quote offered was, “Miss Tonks, the weakest, had been persuaded to go on a raiding mission,” – Miss Tonks Turns to Crime – by MC Beaton.

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