Al pack a….


CCC #63

“Al, pack a lunch. We’re going after her.”

“Leave her alone, Gitta. She’ll come home when she’s ready.”

“Al pack a..”

“Gitta, come on.” Al coiled his arms around Gitta’s slender waist, easing her back steadily until he could feel the rounded curve of her back-side fitting snugly up against his own firm haunches. Nuzzling then, the smooth of his freshly shorn cheek into the silky softness of her golden tresses, he burrowed gently through her locks, his lips coming to rest on the tender flesh where her neck met her shoulder. There, the warmth of his own breath returning to him scented with a mix of Gitta’s own heady musk and just a hint of lavender shampoo- gave rise to a plethora of ideas.

None of which was to spend the better part of the afternoon looking for Gitta’s younger sister.  

“Be realistic, honey. It’s a haircut. Alright, a bloody awful haircut. But a haircut, just the same. She’ll get over it.”

“But, you don’t understand.” Gitta protested weakly, as she wriggled against him-  

“A girl’s hair is… Is.. Is….”

This is my response to Crispina’s photo prompt this week on Crimson’s Creative Challenge. #63.

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