A Saturday Night

It’s 3AM and I’m stumblin’ home from a Saturday night on the town. A night spent drinkin’, dancin’, couplin’ if’n you’re lucky. After all that’s what Saturdays are for ain’t it? A bit of the unbridled? A chance to slough off the chains of a work a day life, maybe even engage in a little unadulterated sinnin’ before headin’ out to church come Sunday mornin’?

It’s just me and these streetlights, but there’s a little hitch in my giddyup tonight. A little hitch that weren’t there, say a week ago, when I knew I was goin’ home to an empty house. 

Cause tonight I got me a little woman waitin’ for me. One that ain’t worried about how late it is, or how much I drunk. One that won’t complain about the smell a cheap perfume, or that smudge a lipstick on my collar. One that’ll stand right there in the middle of the kitchen floor and watch me drink straight outta the milk carton, or eat a cold leg a chicken while leanin’ over the kitchen sink.

And best of all, one I know is gare-on-teed to provide a man with as much unadulterated sinnin’ as he feels he might need to get ‘em in the pew come Sunday mornin’. 

Said so right on the box.

This little bit of nastiness took it’s inspiration from the three phrasal prompts offered on the OLWG #137 prompt this week. The phrases were:

  1. In the middle of the kitchen floor
  2. that’s what Saturdays are for
  3. just me and these streetlights

24 thoughts on “A Saturday Night

  1. I will add my lol to the comments.*
    You very much have a way with the wordationing. Enjoyable post.
    *In my anticipatory defense, I will allow that I started to laugh before I read your story in it’s entirety. I got through the first paragraph (intrigued where you would take this thing) but, for some reason scrolled down to your…. illustration (?!! no, thats surely not the right term), photo prompt (err I offer the sincerest general apology for any inference, real or imagined)…. photo? yeah, I guess that’s the only halfway useful term.
    In any event, I scrolled, I saw, I lol’d
    Thereby demonstrating the truism that a part of us (everyone, or at least me) will never grow up.
    But then, there is that old saying, “All humor arises from the un-expected encounter with incongruity.”


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