Life as Madriga

sunlight through window

Photo provided by Pixabay on What Do You See?


Ellen’s character, Madriga, emerges through the Gates of Genachle and takes her first careful steps back on the beloved soil of her homeland. No longer the frightened child who survived the leveling of her village in the games opening scene, she has returned victorious. The IEO of Genachle’s long-sword swings from her well sinewed arm as proof she has defeated him in battle and earned the games ultimate title of….

Ellen hits pause before the game officially ends. She always does. Watching the final scenes of a game was like watching a loved one die. Of course she had never actually watched a loved one die, but she was sure it would be equally as agonizing.

She sits staring into the screen saying her silent goodbyes to life as Madriga- until her laptop’s battery saver kicks in and the screen goes black.

Peering through the window above her desk she notices it’s dark outside. Is it still dark? Or dark again? She isn’t sure at first. A bowl containing the long dried remnants of what was once a bowl of cornflakes leers at her from behind a row of empty energy drink cans, and she opts for dark again. 

She taps the power button. 3:24 AM. Madriga’s heroes stance mocks her from the frozen screen on her laptop as Ellen realizes she has to be at work in three and a half hours.

Ugh! Two days off is just not long enough.


This piece was inspired by the photo prompt provided by Sadje on her What Do You See? and the word, Cornflakes, provided by Misky on Twiglets.

19 thoughts on “Life as Madriga

  1. The world of gamers skids over my head, usually without leaving a mark. But here you grabbed my attention; grabbed it and held it in fascination. The total absorption in something, where one doesn’t realise the passage of time… now that is something I do know. 🙂


  2. Reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons… though I’ve never played. I do remember though playing a computer game one of the first I think, that had no images. Just paragraphs of words. And you had to go through different chamber and do things in a certain order to progress. Sometimes when my hubby had to go back into work (newly married)… we would go together – he’d work and I’d play this game on a different computer…. getting lost. But I did make it to one of the higher levels. And I even still have my extensive map! I was a serious player… back then. I think the game was actually called “Adventure”.


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