CCC #59

She placed a crown of candles
Upon her cinder colored head
Lit them all quite brightly
Slipped into her sea of downy bed
The fires of passion
Alas re-lit
She closed her tired eyes
Tonight she’d say hello again
She was so tired of goodbyes.

This was inspired by this weeks photo prompt on Crimson’s Creative Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Thank you Sadje. I have no idea why this turned out so odd looking in reader. I assure anyone who sees this I did not intent the words to align with the side of the photo, and they don’t if you look at the blog page itself. Hmmm…….


  2. Nice one Violet. I rarely use the reader. I’d rather see the full effect of the Artists work and arrangement. Also any options the writer is giving such as related pages. I say, if you’re in such an all f’ing hurry then use the reader or jam a like in notifications. When I’m notified of a string of likes from a “Reader” in the space of seconds or minutes I know they’re just “Being Nice” plus it clogs my email. It’s irritating! Who needs a superficial like? I’ve had a few of those over time and I just think “Awe thanks for nothing.”

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