Sweet lyric lips

Santa Baby by thatgirlashy on deviantart
It took sixty sprites in all 
to drag, the bright red cloak
the babe’d been swaddled in.
Another twenty or so to tow the winch
and lift the bab into the wagon.

Forty pixies gingerly unwrapped 
the bab, so all the fae could see,
Sweet lyric lips, into the fog emit- 
soft breaths, deep and soothing-
in the shape of a sleeping dragon. 

Earlier this week I read a piece entitled, The Oracle Part 4- Adelthryth- by Jen Goldie. One line in particular really blew me away. That line was, “Soft breaths, deep and soothing in the shape of a sleeping dragon.”

I had used this photo years ago as an e-christmas greeting and just thought the words and the photo were too good a match to let the day go by without using them together. 

Thank you Jen for the most amazing inspiration..

Merry Christmas to all!

P.S. Is anyone else having trouble pasting text in verse on WordPress? It will not allow me to do it and thus the reformatted text….

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