Catty Canines

Photo Courtesy of the Guardian

“That is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen.” Mazel the Miniature Pinscher with the much over-rated under-bite humphed haughtily and in a voice loud enough to be sure she was overheard, as she nodded toward the door bringing the packs attention to Chiquita the Chihuahua and her dresser, both coiffed in full renaissance regalia.  

“It’s not a sweater at all.” Countered Kelsy the ever cordial Corgi. “It’s an Elizabethan Collar. And I for one find it quite chic!” 

“Elizabethan collar my arse!” Bentley the brindle Boxer burst into the conversation. “I had to wear an Elizabethan collar once after a nasty bit of surgery, and it was a hard plastic cone type contraption, not a ruffly whosey-whats-it like that at all.” The mere mention of his traumatic surgical encounter sent Bentley’s head round and down where he proceeded to lick laboriously at old wounds.

“No couth! Why am I am constantly subjected to canines with no concept of couth?” Lulu the little Lhasa Apso lamented having just caught the tail end of Bentley’s diatribe, and not having as of yet spied Chiquita or the collar in question.

“It all comes down to a question of literary training.” Chimed in Cheena the Chinese Crested, her smooth hairless skin shimmering in the noonday sun as she settled in like a sphinx atop the rolled arm of the divan. 

“Litter training!” Hissed Hermione the Himalayan, in that catty tone she reserved for times she was the only feline in residence. “What would any of you fire plug pee-ers know about litter training?”

“Slink off! Would you Hermione! No one’s asked for your opinion!” Skylar the spunky Schipperke spat in the fat cats general direction, just long enough in the tooth to show she meant business.

“Chiquita! Darling!” Announced Karin the King Charles regally, bringing the conversation to an abrupt halt as Chiquita queued up quietly alongside Cheena on the divan. “We were just chatting about how absolutely amazing you look this afternoon in all your frill and finery! Weren’t we- Mazel?”

Whereas I literally have no idea where this one came from, I have to give credit where credit is due. The first line was provided by Dylan on MLMM’s First Line Friday. The word literary is a derivative of the word Literature that was provided by Susan on this weeks Genre Scribes Friday Fiction Writing Challenge. And the photo? I think that one speaks for itself!

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