CCC’s #58

His stance stalwart. His eyes hard as flints, Prince Josiah deflected the allegations fired upon him like poisoned arrow-heads spit from the lips of the elder statesman. Their knife-like tongues, however, were not weapon enough to defeat him.

To bring him down, would require an army. And the Sovereign no longer had such an army at his disposal. The cunning Prince Josiah had seen to that. 

During his tenure as Constable to the cavalry he had slowly introduced laudanum into the ale barrels designated for the troops. Calculatedly increasing its volume until regiment after groveling regiment lay useless at his feet when he withheld it.

The constabularies he had set in place to oversee its distribution in his absence would see to it that the troops became desperate enough to lay siege against the reigning Sovereign. 

And when the smoke from that battle cleared, Prince Josiah would alas take his rightful place as the defeated Sovereign’s hard-wrought heir.

This is my response to the photo prompt provided by Crispina Kemp on her Crimson’s Creative Challenge #58.

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