Anjeneek’s choice

Asis guided by his love for the hunt, chose the shape of a lion. The ever proud Veriga an eagle. Saoirse given her thirst for frolic, a hare. 

Wee Anjeneek chose the humble acorn. 

Asis set out to crush her. Veriga to sup upon her. And Saoirse, she just giggled, and kicked Anjeneek’s acorn into the tall grass, thus making finding her again, a game.

Asis pounced, trampling her into the earth’s soft loam. Vertiga swooped, deftly catching the still laughing Saoirse in her talons and carried her off. Deserted by her friends, poor Anjeneek’s uncertain fate was left to the four winds. 

The great oak, Anjeneek, though withered and old, remained firmly rooted hundreds of years hence. Her life celebrated by generation after generation. Her girth rumored to have been host to a myriad of young gods.

This was inspired by the photo prompt provided Crispina on Crimson’s Creative Challenge #55. I was also thrilled to be able to utilize Eugenia’s Brew-N-Spew Cafe word prompt, Ceremony.

Both of these girls have a much firmer grasp on writing fantasy tales than I, but I thought I’d try my hand..

17 thoughts on “Anjeneek’s choice

  1. For someone who says you don’t do fantasy, that reads pretty good to me. I particularly like how the acorn grows to be the oak, and shelters many another god there. Don’t know about oaks around the world. but the English Oak is host to more life than any other (English) tree.

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      • It’s unusual for our oaks to quite so red. More of a brown, most years. This year has been exceptional. Though I’ve discovered the American Northern Oak is now being grown in UK as a timber tree. That’s outright scarlet at the moment! Sunglasses time. But the leaves fall fairly quickly, which our native oak doesn’t


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