Raven by Jaime Ibarra

An undisputed maestro whose preferred instruments were fog and light, Judas activated the four vertical fog machines, waiting precisely 45 seconds as the cloud like vapors enveloped the stage, shrouding it in obscurity long enough to allow Raven to position herself- centerstage upon her stiletto-heeled haunches- before queueing the footlights.

Sliding eight bars simultaneously, Judas allowed the slow undulating motion of Raven’s lace lacquered hips to guide him through the rest of her intro, triggering the spot only when Raven made it clear with a gentle parting of her thighs, that she was ready to reveal the pièce de résistance. 

The music’s escalating throb ejaculated at this point taking off in a screaming blaze of guitar, that even at its zenith, was rivaled by the uproar of the now ravenous crowd. In hindsight, this would be Judas’ only saving grace. There was no way he could have heard the shot.

This piece is written in 50 word increments. The inspiration was taken from the above displayed photo prompt supplied by Nekneeraj on Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie.

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