6/3/19 3:41 AM Healy,Alaska

Sunrise in the land of the midnight sun

At not quite four AM on a quiet June morn-

The syrup sky cracked, and blood ran out
There was no one, not even a moose about
There’ll be no rest for the sun today
The long summer solstice is still on it’s way

When I read Misky’s Twiglet #153 for the week, ‘syrup sky’ I was instantly transported to the silent dawns in Healy. The sleepy sun just barely cresting the horizon after a hard days work. Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase, ‘crack of dawn’.

And conveniently, ‘crack’ was the Quadrille #92 poeming word of the day on deVerse

15 thoughts on “6/3/19 3:41 AM Healy,Alaska

  1. “The syrup sky cracked, and blood ran out”

    That line is absolutely amazing. Lovely rhyme scheme, lovely everything. Imagine a weary Alaskan sun with no breaks as solstice!

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  2. Amazing what just a few miles away somewhere changes in climate.
    I used to watch ‘Northern Exposure’ based in Alaska. Long dark winters?
    Reminds me also of how even the long days of sun in Maui were ended with very quick sunsets (at least that September when we were there…).

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