A yardarm armada

CCC #53

Wynken Blynken and Nod
Got in a row over a broad
Each bouy was a fixin’
To net the sweet vixen
Based solely on the size of his rod.

Big Nod won the toss for first go
But his skiff was judged only so-so
By the crew on aft deck
Who cried “Bloody ‘eck!
The chaps belly’s ‘alf ‘idin’ ‘is cargo!”

Wyken was second to cast
But his yardarm was stuck at half-mast
The stern crew yelled,”Wanker!”
When he dropped his anchor
Leaving poor Wynken’s dinghy downcast

Last up, Blynken set sail his raft
But while the galley was ogling his craft
The first mate slipped his pontoon
Into the vixens lagoon
Proving our bouys to be understaffed

This off color verse was inspired by Crispina Kemp’s photo prompt this week on Crimson’s Creative Challenge #53.

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